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Vector Group Australia.

  Sydney Australia


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Tampa Florida United States


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Welcome To VectorVC

    VectorVC is a private money house, funding special situations that present opportunities for capital growth through ownership participation. We place our private monies and capital infusions, quietly. Our efforts are tailored to each company's specific needs, circumstances and our ability to bring skills to the deal.
We currently invest in companies located in Australia, the EU, Hong Kong and the USA, but are always looking for assets that are under-performing, strategically mis-aligned or non-core to current ownership, no matter where they are located.


    The VectorVC "model" is to bring thoughtful management and new outside expertise together, creating profitable results. Our diversity of experience and ability to tap into industry-specific knowledge and operational guidance allow us to deliver superior performance from existing facilities and staff at each new enterprise.


    VectorVC is known as "the quiet VC" because we intentionally and aggressively avoid any/all publicity.
We do not accept funding request, partnership proposals and refuse all media enquiries. This web site is intentionally "dis-ranked" in search engine indexes. We do not make our telephone numbers or e-dresses available online. We do this for enterprise security, personal privacy and occasionally our operational stealth.
Efforts to "overcome these obstacles" are un-welcome.

For additional information, please see the "NOT about us" page, on this web site.